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Our mission

Our mission

Our missionOur missionOur mission to provide the best intensive substance abuse treatment for all adult women seeking recovery.

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Addiction Treatment


The success of an addict’s treatment requires the support of the family. We understand the heartache and pains of addiction. The strength that can be gained from a successful treatment and the ability to make better choices after treatment.



Detox is a difficult part of recovery. We will help you be comfortable while you detox from the drugs and alcohol in your system. Every ones detox is different, and we will do everything we can to help you overcome your addiction.

Equine Therapy


One of the many offerings we provide to help recovery with physical activities, and mental health exercises. The benefits of Equine Therapy are due to the nature of horses; non-judgmental, herd mentality, and easy going. The therapist utilizes these connections to help the recovering to process past traumas, negative emotions, and negative self image.


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